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Made Easy with Our Fixed-Price Solutions

Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

With a wide range of specialized experience and services, we provide solutions tailored to your needs.

Family & Closely-Held Businesses:

We help you navigate the unique personal dynamics through better controls and decision insights.


We help create a solid foundation for fundraising, growth, and cash flow through internal controls, realistic budgets, and training.

Non-Profits, Schools, Membership & Charitable Organizations:

We help simplify complex financial information for boards, funders, and organizational management.

Government & Public Authorities:

We help balance limited resources to better serve board and public/private demands through training, fixed asset analysis, grant management, financial oversight, and more.


We help you create a personal tax strategy to minimize income and estate taxation.


We provide litigation support services, including forensic accounting and expert witness testimony.


We help you stay in compliance with reporting requirements for your overseas assets. We also have resources in countries around the world through our membership in INAA.

Fixed-Price Services

Life – and business – are full of surprises. But the availability and cost of accounting services doesn’t have to be one of them.

Our fixed price agreements make it easy to budget a guaranteed price for your ongoing tax and accounting needs.

Working together, we define a scope of services. We present service and price options based on our discussions with you and our understanding of your needs.

All of our fixed price agreements include unlimited telephone calls and email access. We want to know what’s on your mind. Call us or email us with your questions without worrying about an additional bill. With our fixed price agreements, the only invoices you’ll receive from us are the ones you approve prior to our beginning work for you.

All Services

Regardless of the type of fee agreement, we prefer to spend the time up front discussing your specific service needs and issues. Sometimes it takes more than one meeting to work out the details; we are always happy to discuss options.

Over the years, we have helped clients in a variety of situations, not only in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area, but all over the world. There is no single best approach, and there are no magical solutions. We find that in addition to general compliance needs, we are most effective when we plan and brainstorm your issues with you. Our fixed price solutions often include these meetings.

Hourly Services

Although our preference is to provide our clients with fixed price options, certain types of services are difficult to define the scope and effort that may be required. In such cases, generally we invoice those services on an hourly basis.

Service Guarantee

All of our services are guaranteed to your satisfaction.