Built Upon 78 Years of Financial Experience & Knowledge

Accounting as a Strategic Resource

CrawfordEllenbogen provides comprehensive accounting services that address the complete range of client needs, from routine bookkeeping to tax preparation, creation and registration of new business entities, design of internal controls and reporting procedures, litigation support, asset management/risk minimization, auditing to identify fraud/malfeasance, and a full suite of consulting services for individual wealth management, business development, asset transfers and executorships.  Our strength lies in our integrated approach to meeting your needs – drawing on our expertise in the solutions described herein.

Our goal is to provide the precise level of support and engagement required by each individual client. In all cases though, we encourage our clients to “think outside the spreadsheet” and look to our broader capabilities as a strategic resource for financial problem-solving and both near-term and long-range personal or business planning.

We provide the traditional CPA services you expect from a highly respected firm. But the unexpected services  are the reason why clients have been choosing us for over 78 years. 

CFO on Demand

CrawfordEllenbogen’s CFO on Demand gives you the benefit of dedicated, strategic financial guidance without putting a CFO on your payroll.  Our solution is flexible and customized to fit your needs.

We begin by understanding your systems and processes and then, together with you, design a plan to address your concerns.  Whether it’s a lack of internal controls, assistance with creating a viable budget to help manage your cash flow, or creating a system to gather and interpret data, we can help you look beyond the day-to-day to focus on the future.

With our customized CFO on Demand services you can gain the ability to make important business decisions with confidence, whether you are a non-profit, business, closely held company, start-up or government authority.

CFO on Demand provides our clients and their stakeholders with financial information they can trust, so their confidence grows and they gain peace of mind. From there, the opportunities are endless. 

Tax Preparation, Planning and Consulting

Any accounting firm can complete tax forms by the filing deadlines. Our services take into account the financial events at your company, and in your life, that affect not just your current but your future tax position as well.

Our services include:

  • Income Tax Compliance & Planning – Business and Personal
  • Non-Profit Compliance & Planning
  • Trusts, Gifts and Estates Compliance & Planning
  • IRS & Other Taxing Authority Audits
  • Choice of Entity
  • Succession Planning for Management & Ownership
  • Business Planning & Consulting

Our tax solutions build upon 78 years of experience helping clients achieve their goals while honoring the tax code and discovering opportunities for financial growth.

Financial Statements

Financial statements are crucial for tracking the financial health of your business. They’re also important for setting goals, making sound business decisions and obtaining finance.

CrawfordEllenbogen has deep expertise in the following areas:

  • Compilations
  • Reviews
  • Audits

CrawfordEllenbogen’s ability to craft financial statements drawing from multiple software solutions provides our clients with the insight to make sound financial decisions.

Bookkeeping Optimization

CrawfordEllenbogen works with its clients to design better bookkeeping processes from a broader perspective than typically provided by CPA firms. We collect information from various workflow applications, like your point of sale, e-commerce, manufacturing or CRM systems and integrate it with your accounting software to provide more in-depth reporting and analytics.

Business systems like Quickbooks or Xero keep your day-to-day financial health at your fingertips. We can help with your bookkeeping needs to help make the most of  your software investment by providing:

  • Accounting Software Training
  • Set Up
  • Clean Up
  • Data Integration
  • Training
  • Monthly Bookkeeping

You have all of the data to run your business – it’s just in different places and not organized. CrawfordEllenbogen has the knowledge and capacity to bring it together to help you make more informed decisions. 

And that’s not all.

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