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    Here’s what our interns have to say:   Everyone's so incredibly genuine and helpful and just looks to help each other succeed.  Comfortable and relaxed are two words that define the culture here, and I think the culture makes the company run well and allows everyone to be comfortable and work best together. The culture here is based on respect and personal development. CE has taught me how to work well with others, while also teaching me how to better myself.  I would 100% recommend this internship to others.  Management is very supportive when it comes to work life AND out of office life. They constantly check in to see how things are going with work and are always vocal about being there if I ever need anything or have concerns.  Working here does truly feel like a family. I think the most rewarding thing is getting experience with all types of returns.  There're big differences in age and backgrounds between myself and co-workers but we get along unbelievably well.  Working here showed me that I enjoy working in this industry and helped me determine what I would like to do with my life.  I am deeply grateful and appreciative of everything CE has done for me.

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