Parties to divorce sometimes accuse their spouses of hiding income or assets. Unfortunately, such accusations occasionally are true. Clearing the fog Failure to disclose income or assets may be explained by a simple lack of knowledge. A spouse may not realize, for example, that an executive benefit provided by his or her job is included […]

Con artists often find the best pickings among members of their own demographic groups. These “affinity” fraud perpetrators exploit connections of race, religion, ethnicity, age, politics, profession or other common bonds, generally with complex Ponzi and pyramid schemes. To avoid being a victim, research any investment opportunity or charitable solicitation, regardless of how well you […]

When disaster strikes, the number of fraud incidents always skyrockets. To protect your home or business from the work of shady contractors, vet them carefully. Work with your insurance company to establish ballpark costs and then solicit several bids, ensuring they include all costs, all work and a completion time frame. Once you’ve found a […]

Insurance fraud schemes such as slip ’n’ falls have a timeless appeal for scam artists because they can lead to big payoffs. Unfortunately, they can also cost business owners in the form of litigation and higher insurance premiums. To expose fraud perpetrators, install a security camera system to monitor your premises. Also train employees to […]

If you suspect fraudulent activity in your company, your first action (after contacting your attorney) should be to take proactive steps to preserve evidence. Otherwise, you might inadvertently destroy or discard critical data. Copy any paper documents you need to continue operations, and then put the originals in a safe place until you can give […]

A primary goal of your estate plan is to transfer wealth to your family according to your wishes and at the lowest possible tax cost. But if your creditors challenge gifts as fraudulent transfers, they can quickly undo your estate plan. Most states have adopted the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act. It allows creditors to challenge […]

Many not-for-profit youth sports leagues are at risk for fraud and don’t even know it. But you can protect your league by taking a few simple steps. The most important is to segregate duties. This means that no single individual receives, records and deposits funds coming in, pays bills and reconciles bank statements. Every payment […]

Scammers are continuing with a phishing scheme targeting payroll professionals.  Scammers are posing as company executives and sending email messages, which appear authentic, requesting personal information on employees.  Be sure to check out the validity of any request for personal employee information before sending to anyone.   If you do happen to send out the […]