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A Small Business Administration (SBA) loan can make big things happen for your company. But the agency’s loan program is sometimes abused by con artists. Be wary of businesses that charge upfront fees to help you apply for an SBA loan, even if they’re couched as “processing” or “credit check” fees. High-pressure tactics, such as […]

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Some fraud schemes refuse to die. Jury duty scams existed long before phishing, malware and other cybercrime methods became synonymous with identity theft. Yet just this month, the U.S. Marshals Service issued a fraud advisory about this old-school con that’s enjoying a resurgence. Common methods Here’s how jury duty scams work: Perpetrators posing as court […]

A person entering medical information on a tablet

Like many sectors of the economy, the healthcare industry regularly suffers data breaches. Healthcare analytics company Protenus has found that nearly 32 million patient records were breached between January and June 2019 alone. Alarmed? You should be. However, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk that thieves will get a hold of […]

You may suspect that an employee has stolen from your company. But without evidence of a crime, you’ll have a hard time pursuing prosecution. If you discover fraud, first call your attorney, then take steps to preserve the evidence. Paper documents should be handled as little as possible and stored in a safe location. So […]

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Fraud suspicions are hard enough to investigate if you’re a business owner and call the shots. But what if you’re a limited partner (LP) in a business where a general partner (GP) is possibly engaged in mismanagement, self-dealing or fraud? For example, a GP may control or own another company that provides goods or services […]

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Fraud routinely targets import and export activity, and individual businesses suffer. Your company might, for example, lose money if a seller ships substandard goods or it could get fleeced if it turns out that a shipment doesn’t exist. Part of the problem lies in the document letters of credit (DLC) system that enables banks to […]

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“Creepers” are thieves who gain access to a company’s office or other physical facilities via unlocked doors and social engineering tactics. Once in, they steal proprietary information, inventory, computers and personal property, or gather information that makes it easier to hack your network. To prevent creepers from robbing your business, install security cameras, keep doors […]

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Every year, thousands of seniors are financially exploited by family members, caregivers and others. But you can help put a stop to elder fraud. Pay attention if a senior seems afraid of his or her guardian or if a caregiver prevents a charge from speaking for him- or herself. And be suspicious if the elder […]

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Benford’s Law is a long-standing statistical precept that remains as relevant in fighting fraud as ever. The premise is that, in sets of random data, multidigit numbers beginning with 1, 2 or 3 are more likely to occur than those starting with 4 through 9. But crooks don’t necessarily know this. When manipulating financial data, […]

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The Web has opened plenty of new avenues for criminal behavior. For example, you may have heard of cybersquatting. Someone registers a site’s domain name that includes a trademark and then tries to profit by selling that name to the trademark owner. But are you familiar with typosquatting? You should be — because these schemes […]