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Your financial profile is as unique as your life and your dreams. At CE, we take the time to get to know all three.
Sole proprietorship? Family business? CE helps you capitalize on opportunities and navigate the challenges.
Non Profit
“Tax exempt” status comes with privileges and obligations. CE is your guide to set-up, organization, planning, accountability and reporting.
As a “working partner” with our clients, CE can take a proactive role in developing financial solutions and strategies.
Our Awards

Dedication to excellence is its own reward. But recognition by our professional peers is nice, too.

Organization Memberships
We’re known by the company we keep – and the standards for best knowledge and best practices they promote.
Community Involvement

We’re proud of where we live, and honored to do our part to enhance the commercial vitality, cultural dynamism and quality of living in Western PA.

Tool Chest

A handy resource of alerts, tips, planning aids and quick-math calculators for the financial DIYer who needs answers, fast.